Thursday, March 4, 2010

Edwin Jagger DE89 Razor

For valentines this year, my wonderful wife bought me this razor as a gift. It is a great shaver! At $39.50CD, this razor is a great deal for those looking to add a reliable razor the shave den. It also is a great choice for a first time shaver. The Merkur'esque is aggressive enough to give you a good close shave but not too dangerous. A common razor for comparison is the Merkur 34C to this razor. While their similar heads provide very similar shaves, the handles provide the largest difference.

The DE89 has a significantly longer handle than the 34C, which to some may not be a big deal, however to those that have larger hands, this would lean them to the DE89. I only have one gripe with the DE89 handle and that is grip. They don't have any grooves or divots on the handle to give a wet hand something to grasp. This lack of grip causes the user to be aware of the razor throughout the shave and can remove an element of relaxation. This is one area in which the 34C excels. I personally do have smaller hands so the shorter handle doesn't bother me. It also has a perforated grip which gives greater stability of the razor mid shave.

The shaves are very similar in these razors. Decently aggressive to allow for a close shave, not so crazy that its hard to learn. One big complaint I've heard about the DE89 is that its a three piece head versus the two piece on the 34C. Really, I have not found any differences in usage, shave or comfort. While a three piece may be a bit to get used to as a new shaver, it really should have no baring for reasons for or against a razor.

Up to this point, I haven't shaved with the 34C enough to decide which of the two I prefer. I have however shaved enough with a B2 Flair Tip and have used them both enough to form an opinion. While the Flair Tips are great shavers, I did notice a smoothness and ease of shave with the DE89 that I didn't feel with the Flair Tip. The DE89 was more aggressive in all the right ways, I used less passes with more comfort and less irritation. So the DE89 definitely beats out the Flair Tip, I will follow up in a few months with a revised comparison once I've used the 34C a bit more. All that to say, have an extra $40? Go to and order a DE89!


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